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Hi and welcome in our store!

I am a French craftman living with my wife and my two sons in New York. I have a passion for quality, and truly believe that tomorrow's luxury will be handmade. In today's high stress lifestyle experiencing  everyday, I think it is more valuable than ever to take the time of taking care of ourselves.

As a man, nothing reflect that more than taking the time to shave or take care of your beard the classic way. I personally still remember my dad shaving the old style when I was a kid. I remember the way he was holding his razor, I remember the care and time he was putting in his shaving, I remember the feeling of satisfaction he seemed to have by having shared this moment with his son... and I also remember that I couldn't wait for my facial hair to grow to, me too, be able to start shaving :)!

Well, today I am more of a beard guy, but still have all those precious memories deep inside me. I think that those ritual shouldn't be neglected by using cheaply made skin care products and accessories. Even more because those cheaply made products are in the long run far from being cheap! They are so much more costly over time than using Maison Lambert products! And also they are so far from delivering you the same well being! They just do not compare and I guarantee that you will feel the difference on your skin.

In our store you will find men's skin care products handmade using certified organic ingredients. You will find everything you need to experience the perfect wet shaving and also everything you need to take care of your precious beard!

Why using organic ingredients? Because I do believe that if you want to create high quality products, then you need to use high quality raw material!

Why are we so affordable? Because we choosed to make and to sell our products ourselves. Therefore we do not have to share our margin with a middle men and so we are able to offer you the best quality at the best price!

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