Shaving Kit with luxurious SILVERTIP badger shaving brush - Personalizable

An amazing gift for any man!!

Maison Lambert Black badger shaving kit contains the following high quality shaving items:
- a beautiful wood shaving bowl;
- an amazing organic shaving soap (90% organic - vegan);
- a high quality 100% SILVERTIP badger shaving brush. Our shaving brush is MANLY, Heavy, beautiful and made with the absolute best badger hair available. Really beautiful and soft;
- a free shaving stand

Maison Lambert SILVERTIP badger shaving set is subtly scented using a blend of 100% pure essential oils. It results in a naturally beautiful woody and warm scent which is absolutely not overwhelming. Really classy.

Our shaving set is handcrafted carefully in the pure french tradition of quality.
With this product you can be sure to please yourself or your loved one for Christmas or any occasions.

If you choose to personalized the brush, please refer to the pictures to see the different effect of engraving. If you choose:
- 2 initials: the 2 letters will be of the same size.
- 3 initials: the letter that you indicate in the middle will be bigger than the one on the side. When ordering put the letters in the order you want them to appear. Usually it is better to put them in this order: First name, Last name, Middle name. This way the bigger letter will be your last name.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent with a few things to get used to

There are two parts to this review: the silvertip brush, and the shaving soap.

The Brush:
- Good quality leatherette case with magnetic clasp, easy to open, with velvety inside and brush well secured with a couple of strings
- The brush is somewhat difficult to get out from under the strings, and, the case is not of the caliber to be used as regular storage, for travel etc.
- Hefty chrome and swirly, glossy material resembling turquoise, very appealing. Chrome is very shiny, not yet sure if prone to scratches or rust; the ML emblem appears laser etched and should not fade with time. The handle can get quite slippery when soapy - that combined with the weight raises the risk of dropping the brush (be careful :))
- Hair is well formed, the head is symmetrical and luxuriously spread out in a ball. Not the most dense hair I've seen on badger brushes though. A couple of straggler hairs popped out at first usage, fallout has now stabilized. A couple of hairs around the perimeter are bent and wrinkly and don't seem to "belong" to the ball proper. The hair has a decent amount of spring, but not nearly as much as for boar hair, or nylon. With that, especially when lathered up, the hair can bend and deform as one draws the brush across the face. As this happens the brush does not spring back so one has to change direction and apply gentle pressure. The brush lathers up very well.

The Soap:
- Delicious and buttery, with hints of scent, nothing overpowering. Very gentle on the skin. Lathers up a ton.
- The soap does not come in a bar but appears to have been poured into the wooden soap cup, reminds me of a tub of butter, ice cream, or soft cheese - very pleasant.
- The wooden soap cup is decent, nothing fancy. The wood was turned in a basic way. There are spindle gouge marks left over from the lathe as the cup appears to have been only lightly sanded. The finish is basic, just some stain and a sealer. The cover mates reasonably well with the cup but does not form a good seal. An ML emblem would benefit this cup.
- An addition of a ceramic shaving mug, with an ML emblem on it, would complement this set nicely.

Overall I like the set very much, and would gently suggest the following improvements:
1. Make the brush handle a bit lighter, or, a bit more resistant to slippage when wet and soapy.
2. Fix the bent hair around the perimeter of the brush. Use stiffer hair so as to give the user more springiness when applying lather.
3. Pack the hair more densely so as to result in a denser head.
4. For soap, suggest just a tad more scent, and a better quality hardwood container. Also apply the ML emblem to it (perhaps laser engrave).
5. Provide a ceramic shaving mug with ML logo as part of the product lineup.

I purchased this set without the brush stand pictured so cannot provide comments on it.

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